Awkward Moments Every Anime Nerd Have Experienced

Being a die heart fan of anything leads to a lot of consequences and problems and the word Otaku which is basically the first word of our website name is used for an obsessive fan of anime or manga or both but is socially awkward.

When it comes to types of fans there are different types some are scared of being known as an Otaku but on the other hand the real anime fans don’t care at all if they’re being called Otaku rather they feel proud but as an Otaku, all of you must have been in these awkward moments once in their life time.

~~Top 10 Anime That Are Only Watched At Night!~~

1. When you can’t decide between subbed or dubbed.



2. When you start acting like your favorite anime character in public without noticing and thinking that others don’t know what you’re actually doing.



3. When fan-boying or fan-girling extreme adorable anime character creeps out the rest of normal folks.



Written by Saitama

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