3rd Digimon tri. Film’s Story Synopsis Revealed[Reveal Date Included]


The synopsis of Digimon Adventure Tri 3rd Film was revealed by The Animate Times later this Sunday. The name of the new movie is going to be Digimon Adventure tri. Kokuhaku (Confession).

Note: The following contains spoilers from first two parts:

As Meikūmon terminates Leomon, and then vanishes into abyss, Taichi and all the others can’t hide their depression as they are curious to know if Meikūmon is infected then what caused it. Were there any signs shown when it got infected in the first place. Kōshirō is curious to know if there’s something they can do to fix it.

However, after failing to find any solution to this problem he goes to Meiko to gain more information. “Please try and remember. We need information in order to discover the reason behind the infection”, said Kōshirō. Meiko was not able to answer because he lost all his emootions. Kōshirō decided to keep all the digimons along with Agumon in the office to keep them away and safe from the infection but Patamon starts to show the signs of illness.

The Digimons including Agumon uses Hikari’s voice to tell the important secret concerning the Digimon World.

“The Time.. Is coming!..”

Release date is on second page.