Yuzo Takada Launches New 3×3 Eyes Manga on Thursday

A new manga “3×3 eyes” is going to be launched by Yuzo Takada, and it is revealed in January 2017 the issue of Kodansha’s Monthly Young Magazine on Monday.Manga will once again centre on Yakumo and Pai 12 years after the last battle with Kaiyan Wang.

In circulation, the entire 3×3 Eye manga franchise has 33.33 million copies and manga notes that.

In September 2015, King Records streamed a video with anime footage of 3×3 Eyes franchise.The video previewed the upcoming 3×3 Eye single ” Samhara Sei – Naru Chikara” ” Samhara Holy Power”, with the description that ” Samhara Sei Naru- Chikhara”  for new content would serve the theme song ,and also that the video is related to ” secret” new 3×3 Eye under development. Although the formate of new content had not been discussed.