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16 Best Hollywood Manga Adaptations and Anime

Hollywood Manga Adaptations

13. Vexille

Vexille is a 3D animated movie, and comparing to Resident Evil it has average reviews.

Studio: Universal Pictures.

Source: Anime.

Vintage: 2007.

Announced: 2013.

Producers: Beau Flynn, from the producer of “Hansel & Gretel”,”Witch Hunters”, and Trip Vinson form the producer of ” Red Dawn”, and ” The Rite”.

14. Pluto

Pluto, is Japan’s most influential manga of all time.

Studio: Illumination Entertainment, Universal Pictures.

Source: Manga.

Vintage: 2003.

Announced: 2010.

Director: Probably, TBD.

15. Black Jack

Black Jack
By late Osamu Tezuka, this is the third adaptation in the list.


Studio: Entertainment One.

Source: Anime/ Manga.

Vintage: Anime_2004, Manga_1973.

Announced: 2012.

Producers: Taka Ichise and Doug Davison, from the producer of ” The Grudge” and” The Ring”.

16. Captain Planet

Studio: Sony Pictures.

Source: Anime.

Vintage: 1990.

Announced: 1996, and rebooted in 2007, and reconfirmed in 2013.

Producers: Don Murphy, from the director of ” Real Steel “, and ” Transformers”.

Susan Montford, from the director of ” Shoot ‘Em Up.”.


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