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16 Best Hollywood Manga Adaptations and Anime

Hollywood Manga Adaptations

10. Lone Wolf And Cub

Many movies have originated from it, but surprisingly this manga has never received an anime adaptation.

Studio: Kamala Films.

Source: Manga/Live-action.

Vintage: Manga_1970, Live-action_1971, Live-action series_1973.

Announced: 2012.

Director: Justin Lin, from the director of “Fast Five”, and ” Fast & Furious 6″.

Writers: David and Janet Peoples, from the writer of ” Unforgiven”, ” Blade Runner”, and ” 12 Monkeys”.

11. Mardock Scramble

Studio: Angry Films

Source: Manga/Anime/Novel.

Vintage: Manga_2010, Anime_2010, Nover_2003.

Announced: 2012.

Director: Michael Davis, from the director of “Shoot’Em Up”.

12. Star Blazers

Recently, with above average reception, this was made into a live-action movie.

Studio: Skydance Productions.

Source: Anime.

Vintage: 1979.

Announced: 1990, but reconfirmed in 2011.

Director: Chriss McQuarrie, from the director of “Jack Reacher”, and “Mission Impossible 5”.


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