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16 Best Hollywood Manga Adaptations and Anime

Hollywood Manga Adaptations

7. Cobra The Space Pirate

Cobra The Space Pirate, the movie was planned for premiere in 2013, but it didn’t.

Studio: Valhalla Entertainment.

Source: Anime/ Manga.

Vintage: Anime_1982, Manga_1978.

Announced: 2008, and reconfirmed in 2011.

Director: Alex Aja, from the director of movie “Piranha”, “The Hills Have Eyes”.

8. Dororo

We are looking for Western adaptation because Japanese movie is quite bad.

Studio: Unknown.

Source: Anime/ Manga/Live-action.

Vintage: Anime_1969, Manga_1967, Live-action_2007.


Announced: 2012.

Director: Ernesto Foronda, from the director of “Sunset Stories”.

9. Gaiking

By watching the movie you can feel the creators undoubtedly love comics and toys that featured greats like Mazinger Z.

Studio: Unknown.

Source: Anime.

Vintage: 1976.

Announced: 2012.

Producer: Gale Ann Hurd, from the producer of the movie ” Walking Dead”.


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