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16 Best Hollywood Manga Adaptations and Anime

Hollywood Manga Adaptations


Here is the list of top 16 Hollywood anime/manga adaptations.

1. Ghost in the Shell

Studio: Manga/ Anime.

Source: Dreamworks.

Vintage: Anime_ 1995, Manga_1989.

Announced: 2009, and reconfirmed in 2014.

Director: Rupert Sanders, from the director of “Snow White and the Huntsman”.

2. Death Note

Warner Bros. Who are making the adaptation, live-action movies were distributed by them in the United States, which was made in Japan.

Studio: Warner Bros.

Source: Anime/Manga/Live-action.

Vintage: Anime_ 2006, Manga_2003, Live-action_2006.

Announced: 2009, and reconfirmed in 2013.

Director: Shane Black, from the director of “Iron Man 3”, and “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”.


3. Akira

Leonardo DiCaprio is the producer of the movie, it was gossips that he is in the movie but he is not actually in the movie.This movie is again tied to Warner Bros.

Studio: Warner Bros.

Source: Anime/Manga.

Vintage: Anime_ 1988, Manga_1982.

Announced: 2002, and reconfirmed in 2003.

Director: Jaume Collet-Serra, from the director of “House of Wax”,”Orphan”,”Unknown”.


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