Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody Light Novel Series Gets Anime

death-march-4The wraparound jacket band on the fourth volume of Magumu Aya, Hiro Ainana and shri’s Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody,manga series is disclosing  that the franchise is getting an anime adaptation on Saturday.

The manga adapts Ainana’s light novel series. On Aya’s manga adaptation Shri explains the light novel series and perform as original character designer .

The story of manga and the light novel series both follows a 29 years old programmer who is on a “death march” but one day after a nap he wakes up in another world. From a meteor shower he happens to get vast riches, and he decides to go sightseeing. That mysterious  thing begins his”Touching and Pleasing” adventure in another world.

In 2013, initially Ainana began posting the series online , and Kadokawa published the first volume along with brief illustrations by shri in March 2014. On Saturday, Kadokawa will publish the ninth volume in print form.

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