12 Funny Anime Memes You Totally Agree With

Anime and manga are filled with tons of hidden jokes and memes which almost every otaku agrees with!

So there’s no surprise in the fact that there’re millions of fresh anime memes are shared everyday.

Lets look at the best of the memes, which all you are going to agree with.

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1. Spot The Main Character.


Almost every anime special or main character have different hairs, which is noticeable even with your eyes closed.

This meme has gone so far that many otakus have started playing this game called,”spot the main character”.

2. Bad Fansubs


A lot of anime are subbed by fans, as most of the anime are not licensed early on in the west.



The most funny thing in Daijobu is that it actually translates to “it’s / I’m okay”, so according to this means,”everything is gonna be it’s okay / I’m okay.” which makes no sense at all. 😀


Sometimes fansubs just translates things to sound really strange, but who cares as we’re getting tons of great memes off these hilarious fansubs.