12 Anime Scenes So Disturbing That You’ll Regret Watching It

6. Another – Professor Shoji Kubodera’s Suicide Knife in Class

A crazy old man, suiciding in front of whole class.

7. Deadman Wonderland: The Entire Classroom is Gruesomely Obliterated

Deadman wonderland class scene

Type of moments those actually contribute positivity to the show.
8. Tokyo Tribe 2 – Goosh Goosh

This is the most disturbing scene ever!

9. NaruTaru – Incest to Monster Guro Rape

Narutaru - Aki Honda's death

Watch at your own risk!

10. Elfen Lied – Stray Puppy Gets Killed by Kids

Elfen Lied Dog Scene - English Sub

If you’re a dog lover then don’t watch this!

11. Higurashi – The Finger Nail Scene

Higurashi Nail Scene English

Full of disturbing moments!