12 Anime Scenes So Disturbing That You’ll Regret Watching It

Welcome to the dark side of anime again, below are the top 12 most disturbing anime scenes which you will regret watching for the rest of your life so watch it at your own your risk.

Warning: Few graphics in this post are not bearable by faint hearted and are not safe for work so watch out.

1. Kill la Kill : Satsuki is Molested by her Mother

Kiryuuin Ragyo and Kiryuuin Satsuki | Kill la Kill

UNSAFE FOR WORK! Satsuki being molested by her mother.
2. School Days – The Boat Cruise Ending

School Days - Anime Ending Scene

Infamous ending though but moments filled with blood in the end and head in a bag makes it more disturbing.

3. Nisenmonogatari : Toothbrush Incest


As the name suggests…

4. Hellsing Ultimate – Seras Forced to Relive the Rape of Her Mother’s Corpse 

Hellsing Ultimate - Episode 1 English

Can’t be more disturbing!

5. Berserk: Guts Watches Casca be Raped by Griffith


Griffith leads a group of mercenaries and his two main cops Guts and Casca, who are lovers. The Casca which was the girl was raped by Griffith in front of Guts in order to torture him.


6. Another – Professor Shoji Kubodera’s Suicide Knife in Class

A crazy old man, suiciding in front of whole class.

7. Deadman Wonderland: The Entire Classroom is Gruesomely Obliterated

Deadman wonderland class scene

Type of moments those actually contribute positivity to the show.
8. Tokyo Tribe 2 – Goosh Goosh


This is the most disturbing scene ever!

9. NaruTaru – Incest to Monster Guro Rape

Narutaru - Aki Honda's death

Watch at your own risk!

10. Elfen Lied – Stray Puppy Gets Killed by Kids

Elfen Lied Dog Scene - English Sub

If you’re a dog lover then don’t watch this!

11. Higurashi – The Finger Nail Scene

Higurashi Nail Scene English

Full of disturbing moments!



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