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11 Most Abusive Anime Girls Ever


3. Winry Rockbell, Fullmetal Alchemist


Fullmetal Alchemist is full of evil women and hurting people is their job.

The two heroes Ed and Al Elric are hurt the most by a women named Lzumi, but she got a pass as she’s their martial arts teacher.

On the other hand Winry Rockbell has no such excuses as she’s just a mechanic and when she sees that Ed has broken the automail artificial arm which she made him, outcomes the wrench and beating starts.

On time she beated Ed to death and then caught Ed’s departing soul and put it back in his body.

4. Chichi, Dragonball Z


Chichi felt in love with Goku at a very young age and at the end of Dragonball she married him through trickery.


But everything changed when Dragon Ball Z began, Chichi started fighting, arguin and even yelling at Goku for obvious reasons like Goku saving the world, leaving the house for anything, eating, and even for teaching her son Gohan how to fight.

She tries to hurt Goku a lot of time during Dragon Ball Z but failed because of the powers Goku have these attacks were of no harm to him though but still were consider as abuses.


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