10 Most Hated Anime Characters of All Time

6. Nina Einstein (Code Geass)

Nina Einstein


Racist psychopath stalker with a thing for Yuri, all fans thought that Yuri should be locked in asylum. She lashed out at Milley, though Milley was one of the few people who supported her and helped her in Code Geass. This thing made all the viewers angry and then she was obsessed with righteous vengeance at the point when she went full retard.

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  1. i kinda like shou tucker…it’s not an idiot…is just depressed and went crazy for have some “Glory” of course is a bad guy…but still, he shows to the Elric Brothers another kind of “monster/nightmare”: a living human-chimera, i guess (by reading the manga) Ed and Alphonse have learnt something from that horrible event, and bc my guess i like and in the same time hate Shou….ps: sorry my bad english i’m italian…

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