10 Most Hated Anime Characters of All Time

9. Misa Amane (Death Note)



To have such a death note, a note book with which you can kill someone, is an honour. To waste this honour would be a stupid thing ,and for that what Misa Amane is, a stupid idol.

Misa Amane

Light would have gotten away with his plans if it wasn’t for Misa’s help, and became the god of the new world. All Lights plans changed and became distorted as Misa Amane once showed up.

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  1. i kinda like shou tucker…it’s not an idiot…is just depressed and went crazy for have some “Glory” of course is a bad guy…but still, he shows to the Elric Brothers another kind of “monster/nightmare”: a living human-chimera, i guess (by reading the manga) Ed and Alphonse have learnt something from that horrible event, and bc my guess i like and in the same time hate Shou….ps: sorry my bad english i’m italian…

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