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10 Experiences All Otakus Have Experienced While Watching Anime

6) Waiting desperately for second season which is never going to roll out.


Excellent plot along with some good characters deserves a second season but it has always been unfair with otakus, that, they’re left with cliff hangers.

But this industry is a business and if the creators don’t see any potential then they just don’t work on it.

7) Reading and Watching at same time!


Obviously for a normal person it’s quite difficult to read subs and concentrate on what’s going on at the rest of the screen but when it comes to Otakus, they love subbed version more and can read and watch without sweating at all, which actually makes us even more cooler!

8) Having lunch on the rooftop.


Well, it’s not that bad overall but watching your favorite anime characters having their meals on the rooftop or their school or work place then what else could be more great for a otaku than having lunch on the rooftop along with friends without caring for the need of tables and chairs etc.


9) Slow internet connection kills you.


Otakus outside Japan mainly depend on online streaming sites which are free or paid but when it comes to streaming online, the internet speed and availability matters the most and imagine waiting a whole week for your favorite anime new episode and at the time of release your internet dies or starts to function like a snail, then dying is the only option a otaku see or killing everything he or she sees. I literally smashed my DSL modem cause of this.


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