10 Experiences All Otakus Have Experienced While Watching Anime

3) Laughing out loudly while facing computer screen.


It’s a total weird thing but admit it that almost every Otaku who’s going to read this article must have gone through this. Most of the time when you burst into laugter, someone just sneak into your room out of no where, happened with me a lot of time.

4) One last episode for today.


This thing doesn’t falls under otakus only but as well as series freaks have actually failed to follow this,”Just one more episode before bed” mantra.

But we all know that just one more episode is not going to do the trick.

5) Wish that colored hair style looks as great as they do in anime.


Obviously no one can look as hot and cool as the anime character does with all the colorful hairs.

Sad thing is that no matter how much good your facial features are these colorful hairs are not going to nail it in real life, pretty sad, right? 🙁