10 Experiences All Otakus Have Experienced While Watching Anime

The first rule of being a good Otaku is never deny that you’ve watched anime today or you watch anime often.

Today we’re going to share some 10 experiences every otaku understand and has gone through while watching anime and No. 10 is going to take your breath!


1) Becoming terribly depressed after your favorite anime character dies.


People obviously chose to watch anime as they’re a source of entertainment and fun, but while having constant fun while doing something we start to fell in love with it and we become obsessed and when someone dies from the series you’re obsessed with and that someone comes out to be your favorite character, then there’s no other choice than crying.


2) Your starts to desire for living in Japan.


If you’re in love with anime, then face the truth that you aspire to live or at least visit Japan once in your life, while watching your favorite anime series.