10 best anime teachers you had wished to have in the school

The teachers shown in the anime are not always teaching the lesson to the characters only, but also to the audience. It’s not necessary that the teachers you get in your life are always good something they have to act bad so that they can teach you lifelong lessons. So, here are some of the best anime teachers that have taught the students in the best way.

1. Franken Stein from Soul Eater

He looks like a horrible teacher at first but it is his style of teaching. Is teaching style is ‘learn by doing” which is the effective way. As the story proceeds, the audience will also see a soft side of the teachers who is always there to protect the life of his students.

2. Arai Kazuichi from Kimi ni Todoke

Pin is the typical egoistical teacher who is also a baseball team coach. Pin is a grumpy teacher but he rarely uses his attitude to torture the students except one student named as Kazehaya

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