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Top 10 Sexiest And Cute Female Vampire Anime Character

Anime female vampire can’t be more hot!

Vampires are one of the most loved things in this universe, even though the concept of vampirism is out of this world but still, there are people around who think that they’re for real but leaving that thing aside today we’re going to share top anime vampire girls, which are known for their hotness! What can be sexier than a female vampire?  Immortality and sexuality the two are wrapped together. Don’t miss the number one vampire girl on page five – she is worth waiting for!

10. Rima Touya from Vampire Knight


The meaning of “Toya” is “far-reaching arrow” and “Ri” means Jasmine, the “ma” signifies enchantment by wearing away (such as by polishing). light orange hair up to her shoulders. The self-assured vampire with her indifferent expression has broken many hearts. In Vampire Knight Manga, Rima has a passion for acting.

9. Erika Sendou from Fortune Arterial


A bit pushy when needed, this hot vampire girl has milky skin and a blond hair to go with it. her beautiful blue eyes will turn red when her vampire nature comes out. don’t let her school uniform mislead you she can be dangerous especially to the horny student watching her.

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