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Top 10 Anime That Are Only Watched At Night!

5. High School DxD

Plot: Kuoh Academy (駒王学園 Kuō Gakuen?, alt. Kuou Academy) is a former all-ladies school that has lately become co-ed, however, it has a secret. Unknown to normal people, angels (天使 Tenshi?), fallen angels (堕天使 Datenshi?) and devils (悪魔 Akuma?) include part of the pupil populace. This sort of students, Issei Hyodo, is a lecherous 2d-yr human pupil who lives a nonviolent life. After a regular college day, Issei is suddenly asked out on a date by way of a girl named Yuma Amano. After their date, Yuma brings Issei to a local park and makes a startling request. She reveals herself as Raynare, a fallen angel, and he or she attempts to kill him. The use of her summoning card, Rias Gremory, a buxom 0.33-year pupil at Kuoh Academy, revives him. Issei wakes up the next morning, thinking that the occasions that occurred were all only a dream. Without delay after being attacked by using every other fallen angel and waking up, he notices Rias bare in his room. Rias famous to Issei her actual identification as a devil and says that due to his death at the palms of Yuma, she has reincarnated him as a satan, turning into his new master within the procedure.

High School DxD


6. Manyū Hiken-chō

Plot: In a reign ruled by using the Tokugawa shogunate, big breasts mean the entirety. The ones who have large breasts are assured wealth and recognition. The girls who lack them aren’t considered “human”. Participants of the ruling Manyu extended family help increase destiny huge breasted ladies. Written on a secret scroll possessed by using the clan, there are said to be diverse techniques on the way to grow massive and beautiful breasts. Chifusa is to be the successor of the clan. However, she takes the name of the game scroll and runs away with it, hoping to combat against the cruel global that the Manyu extended family has created.

Manyū Hiken-chō

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