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Niantic Shutting Down Pokémon Go And Here’s The Reason Why (Breaking)

Please Don’t Niantic!

Right after the Pokémon Go was released it went super viral that all the servers of Niantic crashed as they’ve received 1000 times more traffic as for what they were prepared for.

Pokémon Go had become a cause for tons of incidents including opening fire on two kids for parking their car outside of a house and playing Pokémon Go, followed by few others like a girl discovered dead body while playing Pokémon Go.

Pokemon Go News

You're Store for Anime, Manga, Figures Ane More

Pokémon Go was lately accused of being known as Pokémon GO, in which the word “GO” stands for “Global Offensive” and is blamed of being capturing and storing data for large companies and stuff like that which we won’t be talking in this post as we don’t care about it.

Reasons why Pokémon Go is shutting down are on next page:

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