Most Perverted Anime Shows ~ Part 2

Perverted Anime

I’ve shared most perverted anime list part 1 lately and most of the viewers loved it so I’m going to share another list and more parts of this list are coming in future. Just in case you missed the part 1 of the list click here. GIF on the last page is going to make your day! The last PAGE INCLUDE BONUS CONTENT!

1) Heaven’s Lost Property

Perverted Anime Heaven's Lost Property

In this perverted anime, a teenage boy named Tomoki has his life turned around by a sexy winged Ikaros who comes out of the blue and decides he is her master.

2) Shimoneta

Perverted Anime Shimoneta

Would you be able to live in a world where dirty jokes don’t exist? This is exactly what happens to Tanukichi Okuma (Sox) but he wouldn’t stand for it. He is considered to have sexual and/or vulgar knowledge so you can count on it being as a perverted anime as we like them.

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