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Anime fan service – Top 5 Best Anime Fanservice Ever

most memorable anime service!

3. Bloody Arousing (Strike the Blood)

Strike the Blood

Since the early 1900’s Vampires and Sex are linked very often! Same is the case with this anime.

This anime is full of fanservice!

The main protagonist of Strike The Blood is Koju Akatsuki and he’s a vampire!

The anime is full of hot girls willing to do anything for Koju and he actually needs them to turn him on so that he could suck his blood, cause that’s the only way he could suck their blood

.Strike the Blood

Not sure what’s with turning on and sucking the blood have to do with any vampire but every vampire is different! 😀

Well Koju is lucky as he have tons of girls in love with him making the anime full of semi-nude girls.

The girls take their clothes off so often for Koju so that he could drink blood and survive.

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