Anime Characters of Harry Potter Are Everything You Imagined

So finally The Warner Bros licensed anime version of Harry Potter characters and they’re just what everything you’d imagined.

These anime version of the 13 characters off from the most watched movie series of Harry Potter are just too much to handle.

Hermione and Ron.

Harry Potter Anime Cards

Cool Professor Snape and adorable Dumbledore.

Harry Potter Anime Cards

Each card is priced at 378 yen or $3.15

Harry Potter Anime Cards

Unfortunately for fans outside Japan have to wait a little longer to order them cute cards.

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Harry Potter Anime Cards

and of course the legend, Mr. Potter himself.

Harry Potter Anime Cards

We can even provide you guys with a set of all the cards which are ready to be printed but for that you have to share this post and comment below if you need it.

Bonus Cards:

Harry Potter Anime Cards

Harry Potter Anime Cards

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