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16 Best Hollywood Manga Adaptations and Anime

10. Lone Wolf And Cub

Many movies have originated from it, but surprisingly this manga has never received an anime adaptation.

Studio: Kamala Films.

Source: Manga/Live-action.

Vintage: Manga_1970, Live-action_1971, Live-action series_1973.

Announced: 2012.

Director: Justin Lin, from the director of “Fast Five”, and ” Fast & Furious 6″.

Writers: David and Janet Peoples, from the writer of ” Unforgiven”, ” Blade Runner”, and ” 12 Monkeys”.

11. Mardock Scramble

Studio: Angry Films

Source: Manga/Anime/Novel.

Vintage: Manga_2010, Anime_2010, Nover_2003.

Announced: 2012.

Director: Michael Davis, from the director of “Shoot’Em Up”.

12. Star Blazers

Recently, with above average reception this was made into live-action movie.

Studio: Skydance Productions.

Source: Anime.

Vintage: 1979.

Announced: 1990, but reconfirmed in 2011.

Director: Chriss McQuarrie, from the director of “Jack Reacher”, and “Mission Impossible 5”.

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