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Top 5 Best Anime Fanservice Ever – Part 2

Lately we’ve shared a great list of top 5 Best Anime Fanservice ever and was request to add in more anime to it or just create a part 2 of that list so after some research we’re back here with another list of top 5 best anime fanservices of all time, this is the part two of Top 5 Best Anime Fanservice

Part 1 ~ Top 5 Best Anime Fanservice

Lets just start with the list!

5. Hot Springs (Hunter x Hunter)

Hunter x Hutnter Fanservice

Almost every shonen series is full of fanservice but Hunter x Hunter seemed to be exception to this rules unless we were entertained by this amazing scene.

This was when Gon and Kilua teleport to a player with strange name while he was in the middle of taking his bath! Who said men can’t feature fanservice!

Hunter x Hutnter Fanservice

Furthermore Hisoka was so pleased to see them both and was not in any hurry to put his clothes back, providing the viewers to have a good look at his ripped body!

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