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Niantic Shutting Down Pokémon Go And Here’s The Reason Why (Breaking)

Please Don’t Niantic!

Pokémon Go was released few weeks ago on July 6, 2016 after around an year after it’s first promotion video. Though the game wasn’t out for the whole word initially cause of Niantic Potato Servers or not sure what was the main reason behind this.

Pokemon Go

The game went so viral that it hit 5,000,000-10,000,000 downloads on the first day of its release and cashed in around $1.6 million on the same day, it could be more than that but not less than the money we mentioned, all above with the game being available in Australia only!

  • Christopher Flores

    Whoever wrote this article really needs to brush up on their grammar skills.

  • GlaceEx

    Ummm I believe only 2 people died playing the game and it was a case of wrong place wrong time not the games fault.

  • Wendy Hastings

    Pretty sure this is fake. So poorly written and no real info.

  • Salad

    I’ll be damn happy if that game is actually being shut down

    • Jerry Gribble

      Ok first off people need stop arguing about this, for everything that heard about people getting killed over this game is the person own DAMN fault. The game strictly does say BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS or DONT PLAY WHILE DRIVING. You would have to be careless, don’t know how to read (which is sad), or you clear up don’t listen to warnings or directions very well. For parents leaving there 5 or 6 years olds go off on there own to play this game, then end up kidnapped or worst killed is not the games fault either, the parents are just stupid for allowing this stuff happen. So yeah clearly it’s not games fault. Secondly, If they were going to stop a game that went so virual, then don’t you think they would of Shut it down already. Why have billions of people play a game and then shut it down. It would be a waste of time and money for Niantic. There are people that have such a hatred of this app and want to have satisfaction telling people that do like the app, that the game is shutting down for there own amusement. After everything I have said here today, just wanna say that this is a guenuis app. It will help obesity and get people out and exercising that’s for sure.

  • Jessy N NutNut

    This is fact and ridiculous. Just someone being an idiot and posting fake stuff. He hasn’t said anything about this.

  • David Epic

    This article was written by a Potato, Doesn’t do any fact checking, and uses “Estimated” numbers. You do not put crap loads of money into releasing updates for a game (including launching the Latin america servers) just to shut a game down.

  • Jim Gray

    What a crappy article! This is literally the only thing I can find in Google about this. The author MAY be confusing Niantic’s shut-down of the third party sites like PokeVision with shutting down the actual game. Regardless, whoever actually runs this site should have at least LOOKED at the article to determine whether it was accurate (or professional, for that matter…learn English if you’re going to write articles in the language!).

  • Megan Johnson

    “Our sources are never wrong!” They’re wrong ALL THE TIME. Like 99% of these articles are crap and completely wrong/stupid. Please stop.

  • Nyarth Nyarlathotep

    Delete your website