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10 Anime That Became Popular Mainly Because of Their Fanservice[NSFW]

If you’re anime and manga fan then you would know about some anime which are watched only late night because of their sexual content.

Today we’re going to talk about some anime which become famous only because of their fanservice. Make sure to check till the end of this post for bonus contents!

1) Triage X


This anime features a hospital, which is really a crime-fighting agency in disguise, p.s the fighters who couldn’t find any armor that actually covers anything, what else could be more funny.

  • Christoffer Aarstad

    where is Fairy Tail tho…

  • Suika

    Well Kill la Kill has over the top action like in guren lagaan 😀

  • Christopher Flores

    “Mother earth has been invaded by some improved genetically girls, who’d spent millions to alter their genes but had no budget left for some covering armor. Fanservice at it’s peak.” Editing is for p***ies.

    • Meesum Raza

      Yeah :3