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One Punch Man Season 2 Cancelled?

One Punch Man season one did a great job and helped the series to become the most famous and loved series of 2015, though this series was so loved and come out to be super profitable but the creators doesn’t put much attention in making a second season for this series.

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  • Pradeep Xdark.1

    umm no ? its gonna be delayed for sure

    • Hopefully & not completely cancelled

      • Pradeep Xdark.1

        yep yep

  • even if there’s no season 2 i wouldn’t be surprised.
    It’s madhouse, afterall.

  • Alexander Michael Jude

    Madhouse be like *disappointment* that’s why I hate MadHouse

  • ليث س


  • Zackachu

    I hope it stays cancelled

    • The Potato Empire

      Why D:

  • unlucky-sempai

    there is a tweet from opm`s creator when he say ,,i do as much i can to make opm season 2 posible,, or
    something like this.i hope its true