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My Hero Academia Anime Skipping Some Chapters From Manga [SPOILER ALERT]

My Hero Academia is now on it’s 3rd episode which is going to roll out in 2-3 days and the plot seems to pick up too fast, rumors are that the anime series will drop out few chapters of manga to make it possible to bring up to the small screen the more exciting stuff to see.

This is not going to be the first manga adaption anime series which skipped few chapters from the original manga, as One Punch Man didn’t covered all the manga chapters.

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Now the question arises is that are the followers of My Hero Academia okay with this decision or rumours.

In reddit, a lot of fans noticed that the My Hero Academia anime is pacing as well, which is actually good to fast forward all the useles and dull parts in the manga.

However, some fans are not happy with it at all as they are not entertained with the whole 10 months training and the entrance exam.

My Hero Academia News

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My Hero Academia Anime Skipping Some Chapters From Manga [SPOILER ALERT]