Surprisingly Good Anime Every Gamer Needs To Watch

It may sounds like a scam but there’s always an anime which is completely according to your taste. You just are required to find it yourself or just stick on our website to know everything about Otakus and Anime. Well in this list I’m going to share 7 surprisingly good anime every gamer needs to watch at least once in their life time, no matter if you’re the one spending day and night farming for items in World of Warcraft or a camper in Call of Duty. So lets start with the list.

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1) No Game No Life

No Game No Life

What is this anime about?

A young man along with his sister, in group known as Blank, are the best gamers in the entire world!

They’re so good that a “god of games” from another world teleports the two to his world.

In this world everything depends on how much pro you’re in any particular game and they’ve nearly lost their entire world because of lack in skills of gaming.

The Team Blank are something this kingdom needs to get their empire back.No Game No Life

Why is it a good anime for gamers to watch?

The show is funny and entertaining side by side as you watch Team Blank over comes the games scenarios one after another by out thinking their opponents next move.

The games comprise of everything, starting from card games to a full-fledged third person shooter with tons of other difficult games as well with set of unique rules.

In this world everything is determined by your gaming skills which are of no use in real world.

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